kids-meditationWe are busy people. We talk a lot and we talk fast. We work hard and long hours. We  burn the candle at both ends. We fit our friends into our busy lives. We wake up earlier to exercise or add time on to our already long days.  We are busy. We are moving from one class to another. Then we teach our children how to be busy. They have play groups and soccer and ballet and T-ball and ice hockey. They are Brownies and Boy Scouts and Debate Masters and Skaters. They dance and are in performances and get iPhones and iPads. Then we all get relief from our  lives by visiting our computers and cell phones and web sites and ichat and Twitter and Face Book. We are busy. Time out! Whew! Breathe.  Yes, breathe.

Floatations with Meditation CD by Matthew & Roseanne ScriptAllow yourself the time you need to simply be quiet. Give yourself the gift of going within,
for 20 minutes or so. Share it with your kids. Sit by a tree. Stay inside and sit in a favorite chair, away from the noise and commotion.  Let your “busy” go. Share the concept with your friends. Take time with your children to relax together. Try it with your significant other, your love, your partner, your spouse OR simply be alone with your own thoughts to experience peace. Laugh and look for the good. Enjoy the moment, the minutes, the hour. Have fun with your inner work. Visit “Flotations with Meditation” CD for a 24 minute meditation up the chakras with myself and my son Matt on guitar. Give it a try-folks like it!

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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