We can teach ourselves and our kids how to relax. Relaxation is at the heart of what makes us feel good. When we are in a relaxed state, we are open to new ideas, thoughts, Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.13.50 PM
inspiration or even the solutions to whatever ails us. We are simply connecting with our own inner being. To learn this at a young age is to be ahead of the game-prepared for life’s bumps. You will give your child a tool that is lifelong in use and unmeasurable in the support it provides. So how do you teach a child to relax?

Well, through meditation, of course. BUT there are steps along the way to make it simple.

Step 1. Select quiet lovely music, simple and lofty to the ear. No vocals.Pretty relaxing guitar melodies

Step 2. Practice deep breathing. In 2,3,4. Out 2,3,4. Breathe from the diaphragm and have your kids feel their tummies go in and out. This is harder than it appears, as most of us are shallow breathers-just to our chests.

Step 3. Let thoughts jump on clouds and pass us by. It is hard to relax when our minds are full of chatter. Let the thought hook on the cloud and blow it away ever so gently.

Step 4. Allow whatever colors, pictures, words to pop in and out, being aware of them, but not perseverating on them. Keep focusing on breath.

Help your kids learn about meditation.

Help your kids learn about meditation.

That’s it. This technique is quite simple and effective. You may want to take yourselves to a special quiet place. My spot is on the cover of my book. I AM Within. I always have a pond, the sun streaming in and I am by a tree on a grassy knoll. Feel free to use the image in your own imagination as it is lovely OR personalize your own and have your child also create a special spot.

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