Clearing the energy field

Healing the energy field

A life moment of energy healing, that’s what occurred last night. Erika and Delilah, a mother-daughter team, participated in an Energy Healing Class for Families with myself as instructor. What an absolutely delightful time we had, and such an honor to work them! Just have to share it with you all.

When first breathing and relaxing, setting the tone for energy healing  work, both mom and daughter reported a feeling of calm and peace. Young Delilah said she felt like she was ready for a nap! As we moved forward to learning some techniques of sensing body parts and picturing a feather tickling us, I could see the laughter in their expressions, as they concentrated and imagined the tickle…so affirming!

Family Hands

Family Healing Hands

I challenge all participants to create words for their energy healing experience. This is not easy as they are faced with a paradigm shift-noticing something that perhaps they did not know existed. The wonder and intrigue on their faces was so lovely as they experienced the “feel” of energy healing  in a circle, pulling or pushing, each describing it with their own words: “a tickle, buzzing, electricity, push-back, a ball, a form, heat, pressure,” all terrific words that describe energy healing.

As they created the energy ball, each was able to articulate the feeling of  “something is there” and “it FEELS like a ball” and “it is bouncy, squishy”. Mother and daughter then had an opportunity to do a little bit of “energy in motion”, smoothing each other’s field, with the intention of “ to help and to heal for the highest good”. Here’s what they had to say:

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