How Can We Help Ourselves Feel Better?

So, we all have experienced some form of illness, whether it is a headache, a scraped knee, an infection, a sore throat, ear ache, cancer, heart disease or recovering from a surgery just to name a few.  We have already discussed what makes you sick and given you possibilities for what creates wellness, but let’s be clear here and talk about how we can help ourselves feel better. My field is energy healing so that is what we will explore.

When a client approaches me for care, we first discuss their intention or focus for the treatment to feel better as they give me a synopsis of their current condition.  We look at Mind, Body and Spirit for balancing.  As part of their self-care after our energy healing, we explore what reading they are interested in for personal and spiritual development.  In the area of the mind, we will check with Louise Hay for affirmations surrounding their current condition and look at Doreen Virtue or Esther Hick’s  work for further affirmations that look, see and feel just right.  We also look at the impact of viewing the world in a more positive light, looking at illness as a means to learn or reawaken and showing us contrast so we can look at what we DO want and give THAT our focus and attention which helps us FEEL better.


Sample of an Affirmation I frequently use for myself and with my clients at Buffalo Healing Therapies

I in no way am a nutritionist, but the client agrees to explore healthy eating options with their Doctor, either medical or Naturopath,  and look especially at their water intake and their consumption of more fruits and vegetables, less processed food and eliminating soda.  We look at smoking, drugs and alcohol and the impact on their bodies.  Together, we come up with a plan that can reasonably address their choices and focus on the feel of their plan.

In the area of Spirit, we discuss a plan for meditation.  We look at what is available on line as well as my own Relaxation and Meditation CD: Flotations, using the chakras for balancing.   We also look at current books, discuss breath and how to allow thought drift, eliminating monkey chatter in our brains, as much as possible. Click on my video to hear more about helping yourself feel better.

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