Finding the Healer Within With Meditation

How can you connect with your own healing ability you ask? Wonderful question.  One of our great teachers, Deepak Chopra, wrote in his book The Spontaneous FulFillment of Desire that the greatest tool we have for our own spontaneous fulfillment of our greatest desires is meditation! Is it really so simple? YES! Meditation is a tool that helps us release our worries and stresses of the day, hour or moment and focus only on breath and the moment of NOW. 

Help you kids learn about meditation.

Help your kids learn about meditation.

     Granted, this is a bit more difficult than I am making it seem, for sure.  There are thousands of books written to guide us in our efforts to learn to become more mindful in our lives. I actually teach a course about meditation and have written a book ( I AM Within)  for Newbies, teachers and families to help you all explore meditation together. 

     So, how do you start? Well, another wonderful teacher, Jon Kabat Zinn who wrote Wherever You Go, There You Are (love,love love the title), tells us to start with breath.  Breathe in and out SLOWLY, focusing only on the sound of ourselves breathing.  Now, if this puts you to sleep, hang in there and try again. Perhaps you are simply very tired.  And if you are one of those folks whose mind chatter cannot stop, then allow your thoughts to hook onto the image of beautiful cumulo-nimbus puffy white clouds floating by.  Listen to soft music if you like or  simply sit in silence with breath.  You can start with five minutes and work up to twenty or more. 

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      When I first heard Deepak recommend 20 minutes morning and night I was about 36, had two babies, was managing our home and working to boot and thought ,”Really? Are you kidding me, Deepak? You simply do not know my life!”  However, as I began focusing on breath, I noticed my days were better, my thoughts clearer, my nights, calmer.  I was able to influence others in a peaceful manner.  My decisions came easier, things just got smoother. 

You can hop onto my book I AM Within  or just click this brief video below and see what Joey and Marissa have to say about meditation. Have fun with it! ’Til the next time-Rosie.

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