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Healing Touch Code of Ethics

Healing Code of Ethics: Mindful practice to abide by all applicable local, state, and national laws governing their services. Healing Touch providers do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical disorders […]

Newtonian Physics

Newtonian Physics: All the universe is a machine with moving parts and space and time are absolute.In the world of Newtonian physics, everything looks the same to everyone else in […]

Energy Field

Universal Energy Field (UEF) or Human Energy Field (HEF): An energy field that surrounds all living things. It includes light that pulsates and can be sensed with higher perception. It […]


Unruffling: A basic energy healing technique in which the practitioner’s hands brush over the congested area until it feels cleared.  The concept comes form Dolores Krieger as part of Therapeutic […]


Penduling: Use of a dangling object external to the healer’s field into the client’s field to determine energy flow. As a client comes to me for energy work, one of […]

Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation: Taking the energy up to the branches and staying there a while, then moving down to the trunk, roots and ground. A terrific 15 minute meditation for grounding. […]


Aura: The name for the energy that surrounds all living things. In the human being, there are seven major layers and this is called the subtle energy system.  This field […]


Attunement: In Reiki,the channeling of higher level vibrations from Master to student. We all have energy around and within us. a Reiki Master Teacher is able to attune a student […]


Assessment: The process of collecting data about a person’s energy field to make decisions about energy healing interventions.  The data could be observation and information about the energy field.   […]