Universal Energy Field (UEF) or Human Energy Field (HEF): An energy field that surrounds all living things. It includes light that pulsates and can be sensed with higher perception. It has an organizing effect on matter and builds form.

Our field is comprised of the chakras and the human aura.  Any living matter contains an aura as well.    The seven major chakras and corresponding seven auric layers make up the Human Energy Field.  It is non-physical energy that is connected to the physical body. (Feel Good Now p.9,11,12, 91,92)

Our centers and auric layer record all that has happened to us in life and are blueprints of consciousness. They intersect throughout our body and affect health and well-being.

As an energy worker, I assess the systems before I begin a healing, then choose the best technique to support healing for my clients. Systems are assessed through use of a pendulum and sensing the changing vibrations in the field. (an attuned  and trained healer should be skilled in this). Taking classes on healing will help develop this and eventually, the energy itself becomes the teacher.

‘Til the next time-Rosie