Aura: The name for the energy that surrounds all living things. In the human being, there are seven major layers and this is called the subtle energy system.  This field extends as far as your outstretched arms and the length of your physical body. It is an information center and a highly sensitive perceptual system . This field contains and reflects each individual’s energy. All that occurs in our lives is stored here both positive and negative . These emotions effect the physical tissues within the body. In this way your biography-or life’s experiences -effects your biology.  (Feel Good Now p.11  )

Dr. Candace Pert studied neuropeptides in the body. These are the chemicals triggered by emotions..  They become thoughts converted to matter.  In fact, Dr. Pert can no longer separate mind from body because the same kinds of cells that manufacture and receive emotional chemistry in the brain are present throughout the body.

Each area of the body transmits energy on a specific detailed frequency.  When we are healthy we care “in tune” . ” An are that is not transmitting at a normal frequency indicates the location of a problem.  A change in frequency indicates a change in the nature and seriousness of the illness and reveals the stress pattern that has contributed to the development of an illness. ” (Miss, Caroline, Anatomy of the Spirit p. 36)

‘Til the next time-Rosie