Assessment: The process of collecting data about a person’s energy field to make decisions about energy healing interventions.  The data could be observation and information about the energy field.   This helps the practitioner make wholistic decisions about the client. (Feel Good Now p.16  )

When you come to a Healing Touch appointment, you are first greeted by the practitioner and then asked to complete a simple medical history form. It is a data sheet to maintain a clinical record of your client’s state.  This is followed by a discussion of the purpose of your visit. The practitioner helps the client determine the onset of the concern and if there were any pains or fears, medical history and any past injuries.  Now comes the fun part. The healer assesses the field, noticing hot or cool sensations, tingling, congestion or pressure which would be considered imbalances in the field.  This is called a hand scan.

Hand scanning is actually done initially and  throughout the healing as the healer notices the shape of the field, any disturbances, fullnesses, surges  or depressions. The healer gains information about the field   We look for leaks, or tears, bracing,

warmth , pain or coolness.  Any disruption of vibration reflects disharmony in that particular area of the body.  We especially focus on the ettheric layer of the field first (1-6 inches from he body).

Another step in the assessment is use of a pendulum to determine the flow of the chakras. The

practitioner looks at the directionality of the spin, stillness or back and forth movement and records the results. As the assessment continues, the practitioner marks patterns of energy and colors of the field  and changes in lighting of the chakras. All of this information is gathered to help the healer identify where to work and have an initial baseline for feedback to determine where healing has occurred.

‘Til the next time-Rosie