Penduling: Use of a dangling object external to the healer’s field into the client’s field to determine energy flow.

As a client comes to me for energy work, one of the ways I assess is by holding a pendulum over each of the main chakras and determine the movement (or lack thereof).  Then I know the area that may require smoothing or energy.  (Feel Good Now p. 16)

When I was first exposed to this concept I was not completely convinced that the practitioner was not indeed making the pendulum spin or not spin or swing sideways.  That was, until I was the practitioner. I held that pendulum as still as could be. Low and behold it began to move! I was stunned. AND it moved differently around different chakras AND on different people. Well, fancy that! Energy has an amazing way of presenting itself to us. It certainly gives me a wonderful visual to chart and measure the energy body when working with a client.  ‘Til the next time-Rosie