Tree Meditation: Taking the energy up to the branches and staying there a while, then moving down to the trunk, roots and ground. A terrific 15 minute meditation for grounding.

I offer this as a grounding meditation to my clients both during healing sessions and as a practice they can utilize on their own.  First, you think of a tree that you love.  Here we have some as the leaves turn in Delaware Park. Buffalo NY.  There are so many beautiful trees.

Now move into the deep breathing of meditation (Feel Good Now p. 65).  Bring your attention to the tree as you imagine yourself sitting on the branches, surrounded by a perfect bubble of light that keeps you comfortable, no mater the weather.  Enjoy the soft breeze on your brow as you breathe in and out ever so slowly.  Now, slowly take your energy and connect with the branches, the trunk, the roots, the ground and feel settle into the ground as you complete the meditation. The meditation should take 15 minutes so take your time on each step. You will feel very centered and grounded.

‘Til the next time-Rosie