Orange: The Sacral, The Second Chakra

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Where is the second Chakra?

It is located just below the abdomen, lower back. Its color is orange and it is the center of relationships, sensuality and movement.

What parts of the body is it connected to? 

It is connected to your lower abdomen and your reproductive system.  If you are having troubles in these areas, set your intention “to help and to heal” and place your hands on your lower abdomen as you concentrate on breathing in the color orange.  Think of orange tiger lilies and  the orange of sunsets.

How else would I know I need help with the color orange, my second chakra?

If you hear yourself complaining as the “victim” or feel a sense of helplessness in the world you know your second chakra needs a boost.  This is the center of addictions and trust issues,  so if you need help, bring on ORANGE!  Meditate on peacefulness and a sense of well-being.

How does it help us?

The second chakra THRIVES on creativity and your own need to give birth to special projects. It is about ambition, depth of feeling and the ability to go with the flow of change. Know that everything is a CHOICE and allow yourself to select and release.

Staying in balance…’Til the next time-Rosie

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