How Does an Energy Field Feel?

Children sensing the energy field

Children sensing the energy field

It is truly remarkable to sit with a group of people as they experience the feeling of their own energy field.   My first trained experience was in 1998 as I took my first Healing Touch class. When the instructor said to “sense what you feel“,  I admit to being somewhat skeptical, thinking that only psychics or sensitives could experience those kinds of feelings.  I was stunned to notice things like pressure, hot spots, cool spots, tingling, chills, bumpiness and “just something different” from one side of the body to another.

So THAT IS what a field feels like.  In my training, as I asked permission to work in the energy field of friends, neighbors and relatives, I was able to feel a pain spike when someone really hurt or had a migraine; to feel what cancer felt like vs no cancer, to feel what a growth or stone felt like in a body… and I was amazed. That was 1998 and now folks in Western NY come and visit me for energy treatments as part of my healing therapy business: Buffalo Healing Therapies where I help clients create a life plan for their own self-healing.

So, if you’d like to try it, the next time you or someone close to you has a scraped knee or cut, center yourself, set the intention, and sense the difference around the scrape and around another body part that as well.  Even try it on yourself if you get a stomach ache or a headache.  See how your field feels different.  If interested go to the  Healing Touch  website for further information or if local, come see me! Happy Feeling and click on the video below! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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