All Healing is Related to Self Care

How can this be, you ask? Well, did you ever wonder how patients get the exact same care and one walks away, unscathed and another exits the planet? I wondered too. I offer the explanation of self-care as a way of understanding. Let’s put it this way, a Doctor will listen to our complaints and then prescribe a course of treatment or further testing to confirm a possible diagnosis. The treatment may involve a change of diet, sleep patterns, exercise, water intake, relaxation response, along with medicine. Some Doctors even recommend massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling and Healing Touch as a prescription.

I will treat myself with gentle hands todaySo, we get the message, but do we do the work? Many folks pop the pills and that is that! They think they have done what the Dr. prescribed, but neglected 80% of what their doctor suggested. We have amazing medicines available to us, but they work in conjunction with our own health habits.

Buffalo Healing Therapies, Energy Healing, Roseanne Script doing a healingWhen my clients come for a healing at my holistic healing practice: Buffalo Healing Therapy, they walk away with a “self-care” card and a follow-up appointment of their own choosing. The self-care includes reading (or listening) material to help their intellectual understanding of healing, meditation CD , and a plan for exercise of their choice and a focus on healthful nutrition provided by either a nutritionist or their Doctor. For we are energy workers and are guided by a Code of Ethics to provide energy directions. We must acknowledge the mind-body-spirit connection. So, to that end, my clients set their goals and the healing energy then supports their choices for self-care. The end result is simply miraculous, as folks learn the totality of healing. Click on this brief video clip for more…

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