Relaxation is the releasing of stress from the muscles, mind and soul.  It brings a feeling of calm and contentment.  Meditation brings relaxation to the body.  Healing occurs more easily when the body moves to relaxation. Energy healing also helps relax the person-mind,body, spirit.

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Manage Stress with Self-Care

Let's talk about stress.  Stress has a great impact on our brains and bodies.  It has a myriad of causes, but the good news is, once we identify the triggers, we can modulate the effects of stress for ourselves and our children. Causes can…
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Healing Experience: Breast Cancer and Rotator Cuff

So, would you like to hear a stories of  a healing experience? After the intensive Healing Touch Program Training of five years, I offered my sessions to the public as part of Buffalo Healing Therapies. Of particular interest is a client…