Inspirations for Healing


The energy ball is created as we focus on our healing hands and think about helping.

Edgar Cayce was my first true inspiration for learning about healing. My Dad was the catalyst, sharing his own perspectives.  As a young teen I was enthralled with The Sleeping Prophet. As it ends up, Cayce is considered the father of holistic medicine as people look for alternative methods of healing.  Louise Hay with her wonderful book  You Can Heal Your Life inspired me to learn about the power of  affirmations. Caroline Myss taught me about chakras and their relation to the body in Anatomy of the Spirit.  Deepak Chopra inspired me to learn about healing through his books Creating Health  and Quantum Healing. Gary Zukav delved into the spiritual self in  Seat of the Soul. Bernie Segal looked at breath and positive thinking and love in Love, Miracles and Medicine. Kubler-Ross taught me about the human potential as she presented case studies at the hour of death.  This was all before I even heard about Energy Healing modalities.

Once in Healing Touch training I was required to research other healing modalities.  Some of the greatest inspirations for healing came through Brugh Joy in Joy’s Way and Barbara Brennan in Hands of Light and Light Emerging.  Alice Bailey explores and teaches energy healing techniques  in her groundbreaking book from the turn of the century Esoteric Healing.  Dolores Kreiger, author of Therapeutic Touch and of course, Janet Metgen, the creator of Healing Touch Program had the greatest influence on my direct ability. There are many others as I learned the art of meditation, manifestation, balancing energy fields and the ability to help others in this new, yet ancient field. I now look forward to sharing my inspirations for healing with others as I walk through the remainder of my days, helping us learn together about our amazing potential.


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