New Intentions, New Creations

All Pictures from camera 236Intentions…what is
up with that? We hear that we should “set an intention”. We ALWAYS discuss intentions before our
healing sessions.  Wayne Dyer wrote “The Power of Intention” to help us understand the significance. So, why the focus on intention?


Funny that I would say focus.  Intention IS focus. Yeah! We figured it out.  Is it really that easy? Well, the thing is Intention is the beginning of Creation. Yep, folks. If we first set up our desire and BE VERY CLEAR about it, then start with a clear focus, we can move into the vibration of creating what we want. Actually, we are already there, we just have to now bring positive thought and inspired action into the mix.

The trouble we have, being human, is that we tend to focus on the things that hamper us, rather that than the things that bring us joy and will create for us! Creation, or manifestation, occurs as we add FEELING to our intention and ALLOW what happens to move into our conscious reality.

So, as we move into 2017, set an intention, color it with FUN  and the FEELING that goes with the outcome and get ready for inspiration to action.  Your inspirations will come as you stay aligned with clarity , joy, fun, exuberance and gratitude.  Let’s move into receptivity together and look forward to an amazing 2017. ‘Til the next time. Rosie


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Feeling Happy at Holiday Time

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 7.57.20 PMI was walking my dog today and while I walked the neighborhood I was thinking about what makes me feel happy.  A lot has been written about happiness.  Happiness Now by Robert Holden   calls us to be focused on the now and live in appreciation.  He reminds us that when we are truly happy we are being our true SELVES. So that’s enough right there to talk about.

Hmm. My true self REALLY loves the experience of having a IMG_7257baby granddaughter who is learning language and says the most adorable words, expression, phrases. This indeed makes me happy.  I truly am happy as I bake Christmas cookies for the season with the express purpose of sharing them with my friends and family.  Not only is it fun to bake these delicasies, but I do my share of taste testing and give in to the few extra pounds that may creep on.  The overall feeling is one of sharing, giving, yes-loving.  For being happy is congruent with love.

Love, being happy, centering-all connected with the idea of being in alignment with that which is truly YOU-your wholeness, goodness, source. Yep, that’s it. So, whether it is the baby, a puppy, cooking, sharing and laughing with others, WHATEVER it is for YOU-go there. Be happy. And more will come your way.

Happy Holidays! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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musicSynchronicity in life is so very interesting. I had a very challenging dental procedure done today. While I was in the chair receiving several shots of novocaine, the song “Rosanna” came through the radio system. I started to laugh.  First of all, it is Xmas season and everyone is pretty much set up with Holiday music.  Secondly, how many songs actually come close to being my name?  (Roseanne, if you haven’t been paying attention,LOL) AND what are the chances that this particular song would be playing while I needed a bit of a boost? Synchronicity.  Memories of people singing “Rosanna,Rosanna” to me while in various stages of “play” (it was a playful time of life), flooded my consciousness so I no longer was focused on the needle, the drilling, the poking, the prodding.

Synchronicity… so what is it anyway? For me, it is when something perhaps unexpected lines up with you and it is delightfully exactly what you need at that moment. To me, it is also spirit at work. It is the work of our creations, co-creating with Source.  It is the affirmation of us being lined up with who we really are.

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Perspectives on Healing

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.36.23 PMMarianne Williamson says that the miracle is a change in perspectives. When I first heard this with the advent of A Return to Love (1992) I really did not “get it”. I mean, could it really be that simple? A shift in thinking? It took me a while to understand the importance of perspective changes. A while… and many books by our masters such as the Power of Intention by Wayne Dwyer and Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks (with information from Abraham). OR even Healing Words by Larry Dossey. Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.37.51 PM

NOW I get it, I  SEE… Actually, it starts with a thought, then we add words to that thought and the energy of that thought moves to this reality. Aha! Thought becomes form, or in other words, a perspective shift. Well, I DO call it a shift in a healing,  presuming that a person would like to feel better  or at least have an understanding of possibility of healing. The more the thinking of the positive thought or the shift, the more the shift begins to happen.  Though Esther and Jerry (Abraham) caution us  about moving up a ladder of feelings to get to one that we actually can get to in our imaginings.  If we reach too far, our brain won’t accept the goal, so we have to go in increments to accept each feeling without resistance.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.39.24 PMSo, it makes so much more sense to me now.  I understand being in the flow, perspectives as miracles  and moving thought to form.  I may ask, in a healing, for a shift in perspective, as a mutual goal and perhaps the perspective is simply one of relaxation or release rather than ridding the body of the cancer within.  For indeed, it happens in steps and the process or journey is the miracle.

‘Til the next time-Rosie


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Make Peace with What Is

Thoughts about Peace from Rosie, assisted by ideas from Abraham.

Giant's CausewayIf you want to be at peace, especially if you were alarmed by our election results, you need to move away from fear.  Fear only keeps attracting EXACTLY what you don’t want. You are not looking at the good, you’re looking at the absence of what is good or looking at ” good ” in opposition.

Rather, BE for yourself.  Look at the good in your life.  Move in that direction with others as you continue to find the good.  Remember to find peace by turning away from that thought that kept you out of alignment. Cling to the reality of positivity. Make peace with where you are by allowing yourself to be where you are. Hey, I will feel good right now no matter what.  No matter the election results, my chubby body or my silly hair or finances.  Rather, I will feel good about my ability to live and think FOR myself, my ability to shift my thinking, to keep focused, to remain in my “happy”, to find the good in any situation,
Clouds-Wallpaper-Free-DownloadYou will figure out that by being at peace with who you are, then everything you ever asked about will start coming your way.  Stay in your peace and feel what it  is to have no conditions on yourself or others.  The path is always lit up, the question is, where are you looking? And if something happens that is a bit off track, recognize it for just that-a blip, make peace with it, laugh and know that things will be righted in a short time.

Remember, it is not yours to determine how, but to stay in the process of “allowing” and bask in the results. Be happy, clarity will come. Peace will be yours. Its the way it works! ‘Til the next time-Rosie


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Change is Good

102_0122This is the time of year for change. The leaves are changing, the weather is changing and our focus has moved to end of the year projects.  It is a time that we naturally allow our energies shift to self-reflection and the “funtastic” holiday season to come upon us.

So how is change good for us? Well, living in Western NY, the glorious color of our leaves gives us pause for  appreciation. Oh, we are SO lucky. AND things like dumpsters fill yards, streets get repaved and we start to hunker down (at least in the Northern part of the world ), snuggling under blankets and near fireplaces, appreciating the changing temperatures and new ways to feel warm.


Ah, changing. Changing comforters, changing decorations, changing meals (soups are awesome), changing our outlook.  Yes, it IS the time of year where we look at how things have been, shift them around a bit and make way for something new and different.  Change is okay folks. It allows us to grow, bringing in just the right amount of contrast to help us see things in a new light. So, happy fall and enjoy the changing world around you! ‘Til the next time, Rosie

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Kids, Costumes and Meditation?

What do kids, costumes and meditation have in common you ask? WELL, it’s all about change. Kids change into something different, whether it is something that is like them or something they are NOT. A  costume is a new face that they put on for FUN and enjoyment, especially at this time of year.

So, what do we do when we meditate? We slow things down. Yep, we CHANGE from our busy life, our daily busy-ness, our hectic schedule and we bring in a moment (or two) to breathe, to become calmer, to go within and notice the quiet, the breath, our inner voice.  Our children can do this with us.  They can change from their busy day, slow things down and practice breath and go within. You would be delighted to see how insightful your kids can be when they start meditating with you.  They start to bring about a change in their own worlds and become more comfortable as they change their costumes, or roles in everyday life and YOU can HELP them.   Costumes are fun

So, let’s look at our own costumes in life. Let’s have our kids look at theirs.  We can find some particularly FUN costumes and help our kids see when things are good timing and other times  when they are not.  We can help them understand the change in the roles that they have as well as the different roles we all have.

Have some fun with it.  Look at change with a sense of costuming. ‘Til the next time. -Rosie

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How Will Healing Work?

Healing Touch ChildrenToday I was asked if healing would help a friend’s family member with epilepsy.  That is a really good question.  The answer is that healing helps with the  intention that you set together with your client. So YES, Healing Touch does help. But how does healing work, they ask? Well, my answer was that first the client sits and sets an intention with me, after an inventory that we complete together, as in every Healing Touch session.  Then, I check in with their chakra and auric body. I put it all together and we come up with a mutual intention for the healing. The next forty five minutes is spent on using my practiced skill to assist the client in healing.  I select from a variety of healing strategies and select one that I intuit would be the most beneficial.  The client rests, I play lovely, peaceful music and complete the healing treatment.

Children sensing the energy field

Children sensing the energy field

Honestly,the energy goes where it is most needed.   The truth of the matter is that I am not a therapist, nutritionist, scholar or doctor.  I am an energy worker who sets the intention with you and always adds “for your highest good”. I am not in charge. Your highest energy is and I help activate it and give you a wonderful boost. I am the catalyst, the plug, the connection.  Admittedly, I have had years of training and am sensitive to your energetic needs, which allows the healing to be the best it can be for your highest goo. ‘Til the next time



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Moving Forward

one Step at a Time

Moving Forward, Step by Step


Sometimes we think we are stuck and that moving forward seems impossible.It truly is all about perspective and the miracle is figuring out how to shift.   You are truly never stuck (though I GET that it feels that way sometimes) AND you have the gift (ACTUALLY ) of clearly seeing what it is you do NOT want so you can see where to go next (what you DO want).  Just the thought of going forward is a beginning. It is when you go deep inside (mediation helps) and ask for an idea. A step… then the trick is to take baby steps forward.  Remember the old saying (I like those), ” Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

Okay- that’s a LOT in one paragraph-but how does it actually work? Well, the whole thing starts with a glimmer of a thought -that is the shard of light that has you glowing.  Next, the thought grows, because certainly it will be better than where you are sitting now.  That’s when you start to FEEL just a tad of inspiration or hope.  NOW comes the forward motion.  Because you have kicked in a POSITIVE FEELING you can move in that direction. Yeah! It is one step at a time.  Only move forward with what feels comfortable and doable. Then it starts-momentum. If you plunge into anything too deeply, it will  You will be moving in the right direction, inspired by Divine thought and Divine Action. Yeah! There you go, onward and upward.

Start with our CD “Flotations with Meditation” and book “I AM Within” for EASY meditation practice.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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