My oh my such sunshine we are having in Buffalo, NY. Sunshine for days! I noticed today in my healing how absolutely HOT I get when running energy to help support a client. I turned and checked in with  my client asking if he felt too hot and he said he was quite comfortable. So, on went the fan! The center was cool but I was certainly feeling the heat that often accompanies energy work.  It occurred to me that you, my connections out there may not yet know what happens during a healing.Feeling the Energy There is nothing hidden. I tell you what I’ll be doing. When I start assessing that’s when the heat begins! It’s in my hands, the warmth in my feet as I am grounded, the rush of heat as I connect to your energy and feel your field. Truly remarkable. I am always tickled by the process and as we work together during the session the heat comes and goes in waves. For we ARE energy and we CAN use that energy to help us feel more balance, harmony, compassion and empowerment in the choices we make in life.

So. we welcome warmth…the nearing of summer… and healing!

‘Till the next time. -Rosie