Qi: The animating current of life

Many names can be given to this energy within and around us. You of course have heard of Qi Gong.  It is specific movements to help balance mind, body and spirit. Qi, (also Ki, Chi) pronounced “chi” can also be called Life-force energy, Prana, Astral light, Auric field, Light field, Orgone, Universal Source, or Soul. (Feel Good Now p. 11)

It is the aspect of a person that was in existence before physical life begins and  that continues to exist after physical life ends.

Potential illness appears in the energy system before physical signs appear. Energy can be experiences as movement, temperature and destiny. Our energy system is influenced by the environment, thoughts, emotions and actions of self and others. (Healing Touch Level 1 Notebook, p. 13)

‘Til the next time-Rosie