Balancing: Enlarging (or shrinking) the chakras so they all are the same size.

Of course balance is so important in our lives, both from a perspective of balancing personal lives with business and healthful activities and fun; and balancing out energy system so we are in sync with the universal good that can come to us.  (Feel Good Now p.15,16,20,27,33,39,45,51  )

Self-balancing can be done with most healing techniques.  If you cannot reach a part of your body and send it energetically through the body.  It starts with centering the mind, freeing it from thought and focusing on a beautiful;a park, a lake.  Inner stillness is  most helpful.  Allow Universal energy to pour into your crown and from the ground and allow them to meet at your heart.  Visualize your healing environment; a park, a lake , the beach.

Breathe into any area of discomfort and direct the breath and energy to any area of discomfort.  You may lay your hands on the area of concern OR direct the energy through your body.  Visualize the process working and see your future.  How do you look? feel?

Close the meditation with gratitude for all the wonderful healing resources that are available to you.

“Till the next time-Rosie