Block: In the energetic sense, a build up of energy in a particular area that stops the natural flow of vibration. (Feel Good Now p. 12,16,23,27,28,33,34,40,45,46,51,52  )

An energy healer can actually feel the imbalances in the system .  When there is a block it will feel like congestion.  It will be heavy, may be dark or could be either too hot or too cold.  It may feel dense, bulging or even give us an electrical shock.

When a block is encountered, the energy worker can break it up with many methods. Therapeutic Touch can break it up. Also hands in motion or an unruffling can remove congestion.  An energy healer who is highly skilled will be able to detect the imbalances and help  the client become rebalanced.

In Healing Touch, a chakra connection can help balance. In Theta work, digging will help us get to the source and then downloading qualities and virtues from Creator will assist in balancing. A block can be removed through the ages so one feels whole again.

‘Til the next time-Rosie.