Open: In an energy world, a chakra is open when it spins freely in a 3-6 inch spin when assessed by a pendulum. It is open because it is not filled with energetic debris.

So, my son asks, “Why does it matter, Mom, if our chakras are open or closed?”

It is a great question and to most in our world it simply would not matter. BUT once we learn about chakras and how we FEEL when they are open, then that knowledge gives us power and the ability to enhance our own living experience and THAT is worth knowing.

Once a chakra has been opened either but the individual (yes, you CAN learn this) or by an energy worker, the feeling is one of balance, freedom, security.  Each chakra has its own attributes and place in the body, glands and body parts associated with it. So, an open chakra can help keep the esoteric body in alignment which in turn, keeps the physical body in alignment.  (Feel Good Now, p 12,13)

I always check my clients charts with a pendulum to determine the state of open or closed in their basic seven chakras during a healing session.  This tells me where they would need balance or support.  After a healing I recheck to see the result. If more work need to be done, the chakra will remain closed.  I actually see a shift in client’s eyes and aura aft a healing. It is one of the most profound experiences in life and I am fortunate to see it many times a week.

‘Til the next time-Rosie