Hands Still: The practitioner holds hands about four inches above the body at a point that requires energy.

As in Hands in Motion, this is a technique use in many modalities.  This may be done off the body or on the body depending on the intention of client  and skill of the practitioner.  The hands may be in front, or back or side by side or around a joint.  The intention is always to feel a shift in the energy for the highest good of the client, but can be more specific as determined by the initial scan or shared intentions

Hands should be held still  for a period o time to initiate the flow of energy or possibly to release or absorb energy.  (Feel Good Now p.28  )

Hands will be left in place until a shift is noted.  Some aspects of healing indicating a shift are warmth or fullness around the designated area.

A note to self: allow the energy to do the work, for we, as energy workers, are simply the link, the current connection, and not the decision maker of the results. That is client and universal energy’s connection. We assist. Also look for changes in pulse, throbbing that has cease, pain changes as indicated by your client.  Note breath alterations, changes in muscle tension and there may even be changes in the color or texture of the skin.  ALWAYS, when healing is done, check the eyes. I see peace and calm and brightness and joy and tears  and happiness.  It is profound.

‘Til the next time-Rosie.