Chakra: Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. An energy vortex located at various points of the body affecting various aspects of consciousness. The cone shaped wheels are wide at the the opening on the outside of the body and narrow at the base extending out front and back of the body, except for the Crown which spins upward and the Root which spins downward.  (Feel Good Now p.   )

First: The Root, with its color red, spins downward and is the center of physicality. It is connected to the adrenals and the meditation is”sense beyond the senses”.

Second: The Sacral with its color of orange is about sensuality  and feelings. The connection is to the sexual glands and meditation is”to end separation and merge One with all.”

Third: The Solar Plexus with its color of yellow is about personal will and growth and knowingness. It’s connection is pancreas and the meditation is ” belonging to the family of man through service and love.”

Fourth: The Heart with its color green is about acceptance and nurturing. It is connected to the thymus and the meditation is”to love without attachment, to master doubt, fear,  mistrust and insecurity.”

Fifth: The Throat with its color blue. It is connected to the thyroid and it is about speaking your truth and communication.  The meditation is ” to attain inner peace and find the truth within.”

Sixth: The Brow with its color of indigo. It is connected to the pituitary and the mediation is “to make real the visions of the future and feel one with the Universe.”

Seventh: The Crown with its color purple. The connection is the pineal gland and the meditation is “to transform the self through the power of the imagination.”

‘Til the net time. -Rosie