Body Scan: The energy practitioner holds hands over the body to sense areas of pressure, heat or coolness to determine the balance of the auric system.

It is a gentle movement of the hands over the body to determine differences in the energy field.  This practice is an essential component of Healing Touch and is sometimes included in a Reiki visit.  Sensations might be vibrating, tingling, density, pressure, pulsing, heat or cold. (Feel Good Now p.   )

I recall the first time I did a scan in 1998. I was a little doubtful of my own skills yet somehow  I plunged myself into the practice.  Low and behold I actually felt the tingles! I also felt a cloud-like pressure.  I even saw a spark go flying! It was incredible as a new practitioner , to witness my own ability.

Body scans give the practitioner a good sense of the auric layers of the individual.  Problems occur first in the energy field before coming to the physical body.

‘Til the next time-Rosie