Layers of the aura: (Feel Good Now p.11)Etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial, ketheric; each corresponding to a chakra. (Barbara Brennan , 1987 p 42-54)

 All auric layer info excerpted from Healing Touch Level 2, 1995 Handbook,  p. 114.

The etheric contains blue lines of light 2-4 inches or so beyond the physical body.  IT duplicates the physical and is a beautiful grillwork of energy holding cells together.

The emotional layer contains rainbow colors of cloudlike substance.  The emotional feelings and senses are about 12 inches beyond the physical.

The mental layer contains yellow lines of light extending 3-8 inches beyond the body.  It contains the structure of our ideas, thought forms and mental activity.

The astral body is amorphous and rainbow clouds of energy that extends 6-12 inches beyond the body.  It is the connection of love and the vehicle of movement from the lower levels to the higher levels.

The etheric template is the physical body blueprint and extends 24 inches from the body. It is dark blue lines of light and has structure.

The celestial body or sixth layer extends 24 inches from the body.  Unconditional love is experienced when there is an open heart that an celestial level.

The ketheric template or seventh body is the higher mental level and extends 24 inches from the body.  It is highly structured and composed of golden and silver light of tiny threads that hold the whole form form of the aura together.

Most auras are larger than than 24 inches from the body, they of to arm length at the heart.

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