Hands in Motion: This energy work moves hands over an area of the body that has indicated that it needs to have energy broken up around it. (Feel Good Now p. 23)

In Healing Touch, this is simply a term that clearly describes what the practitioner is doing… moving hands to clear energetic build up or to smooth a field.

I would agree that this is also used in Reiki and LomiLomi and Therapeutic Touch, each Healing Brand giving a different term or name to essentially the same thing. The goal for all is a balanced field for the client.  The goal is to help the practitioner and client together seek a balance for the client. Energetic healing is not something that a practitioner does TO you, but rather something that is done together, to balance your field.

The key is the skill, certification and experience of your practitioner. I always ask about the practice; length of training, years in service, numbers of clients, continued training , reading and self-practice. These are all attributes of a trained and skilled healer.

People often ask me the differences in healing modalities.  It is one of the reasons that I was trained in Healing Touch as my first modality-it was professional with stringent guidelines,  and required lots of practice and years (5) of work for certification.  I greatly respect that. I also went into the field already sensing energy and having an inner knowing of the energetic field, which was quite helpful.

Reiki level 1 and 11 require 6  hours of study and Reiki 111 is over the course of 2 days-10 hours.  LomiLomi must be passed by a Kahuna and requires a few classes.  Therapeutic Touch also is taught by certified practitioners and requires a few classes in order to practice. I am trained in all.

Of course one could argue that there are healers who have no training and are highly skilled and I would also agree. It is up to you to find the person you connect with most. I have a high regard for the modalities I am trained in and have now added Theta healing to the mix. This is a stype of advanced meditation form Vianna Stibal, working with Creator, to assist the client in determining any blocks very quickly, release and download traits and characteristics from Creator to avoid that block returning. Quite unique and quite beautiful.

‘Til the next time-Rosie