Clearing: Releasing negative thought-forms and etheric cords from our chakras.  (Feel Good Now p.40,46,52  )

It is so interesting to think about the word CLEARING. We clear the table, we clear a room, we clear clutter in our lives.  In healing, we help clear energetic debris from another’s field.  We can also clear our own field.

How does the debris get there? Through a lifetime of thoughts, interactions and may even from our own DNA and genetics.  Healing Touch, Reiki, Theta Healing , Lomilomi, Therapeutic Touch are all systems of healing that I have experienced that help release the energy so the client can feel more balanced and have a happier and more centered life.

As energy workers, we help clear the debris through gentle loving touch or even through non-touch, working with the aura.  There are many techniques, each with its own set of procedures.  In Healing Touch, the Mind Clear can rid the monkey chatter from the mind and help with focus.  A Chakra Connection can rid debris around each chakra and assist the flow of energy.  Reiki hand placement and movements allows for a more fluid flow of energy. Theta meditation and digging gets to the root of the matter and connects with Creator to assist removing blockages.    LomiLomi uses the “Ha” breath to help release pent up debris.  Therapeutic Touch follows a simple 7 step method to ease the energetic build-up in a field.

The results are truly profound as a person experiences this work.  I hope you can have an opportunity to work with Certified Healers in your area.  When in Buffalo-look me up!

‘Til the next time-Rosie