Auric Field

Full Body Connection:  A treatment in Healing Touch that not only connects the major chakras, but includes the major body parts such as kidneys, eyes and ears. The practitioner connects the energy until it is running smoothly.  (Feel Good Now p. 40 )

One of the many beautiful things about Healing Touch is that we can expand on what is known and make it even better. Such is the case with the Full Body Connection.  Sometimes a client may arrive who needs help with kidneys or adrenals or the sinus and ears.  A Full Body Connection would help us reach all those spots and assist with the flow of energy.


Remember, energy healing feels like a wrm hug, a soft blanket around the body. It is, in fact the vibration of love that is the healing and the practitioner’s own connection with that vibration and the client’s that assists the healing take place. It restores energy and balance in the person in order to promote self-healing.

This is an art learned through apprenticeship and study, with the intention to heal.

‘Til the next time-Rosie