Etheric Unruffling: A fifth level intervention as taught by Rod Campbell from Australia, using hand movements to work in the etheric template.

The term “Unruffling” comes to us from Dolores Krieger, author of “The Therapeutic Touch,How to Use Your Hands to Help Heal”. It is brushing congested areas of a field to allow energy to move more freely.  Palms of order face the client.  Energy is brushed down and away from the body.  (Feel Good Now p. 98 )

Etheric Unruffling works on clearing and revitalizing the fifth layer of the auric field.  This technique is taught in Healing Touch Advanced Program. The ability off the Healer to sense discrepancies in the field is paramount. Then the Healer works with the client to clear and clean up the field at a very deep level.

The result usually comes with some sign from the client of relief and relaxation and release.  They will smile, hug, have a sparkle in their eyes. I have found very visible changes to be quite profound after using this technique.

‘Til the next time-Rosie