Healer: A person who has developed the self in such a way as to positively influence the journey of the client. Truly, we are all healers of self, for healing comes from within. (Feel Good Now p. 95)

Interestingly, there is a school of thought that says the Healer is the person who comes for the treatment and we are Energy workers. That is ok by me. It really is a matter of perspective.

A healer consciously intends to facilitate healing.  The inner spirit of the practitioner forms a healing relationship with the healer who makes a conscious or unconscious request for help.

The quality of the healing is affected:

             *the quality of the intent

              *information obtained during assessment

              *the ability of the healer to speed and heighten the energy system     enough to influence the  energy system of another person

            *openness of the client

The development of the healer is affected by doing the work.

‘Til the next time-Rosie