Attunement: In Reiki,the channeling of higher level vibrations from Master to student.

We all have energy around and within us. a Reiki Master Teacher is able to attune a student who is learning Reiki in a class.  We must cleanse and heal ourselves first and foremost before the highest work of Reiki healing can be done for others.  The class and Attunement turns it on.  It is similar to putting the key into the lock and opening the door just a crack.  It can be compare to turning on the lamp that has a three way bulb to just the lowest wattage.  The aura and chakras have their first cleansing release.  Each level of Reiki (3) has their own Attunement.  (Feel Good Now p.  110-113)

The Attunement sets Reiki apart from all other healing techniques. It is extremely important to realize that the Attunement does not give you anything new. It is an initiation that opens the door to what you are really capable of.  The Attunement is a process that happens between the teacher and the student.  As the auras of the two people meld together, the channel opens and the blockages release.  In other words, the density that the student has acquired over their lifetime lifts from the physical dram of the student.  Each a person receives an Attunement a larger percentage of density releases.

As classes are taken, the light of the Universe flows brighter and more directly, like a laser beam.

‘Til the next time-Rosie