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Spring Forward with Momentum


Spring into action with forward motion! Increase your momentum! How do I do this when I am feeling in a funk you ask? Well, first of all, forgive yourself for your funk-it happens and usually with good reason. However, STOP … Continue reading

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Garbage Out and Being in Rhythm


The last couple of days a few things have happened that have made me feel like I am totally out of rhythm.  YET I am REALLY  meditating and going within and focusing on the good things in life. So what’s … Continue reading

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New Beginnings for Spring


New beginnings! It is Springtime and we all naturally look at the newness of life.   We see the changes around us, the beginnings of flora and fauna, the emergence  of new animals as ” love ” is in the … Continue reading

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Why Do We Get Sick?


What makes us sick? I was thinking about what you might like to hear about and the idea of illness, or disease just popped in, so here we go.  When we become sick, we often experience our worlds shutting down … Continue reading

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