Summer Play


I was going to call this summer work and summer play but as I began to write, I realized that my work IS my play. That is the gift, to be able to come to a point in life where I can choose what I desire and create my own work.  I think I am lucky…but IS it luck? Is it manifestation? How did it come to pass? How did I get so lucky to have my play and work merge?

Perhaps I should start by sharing what I actually do in the world.  For those of you who have not been following, a quick synopsis. I am Rosie, Energy Healing Intuitive, trained in Healing Touch, Lomilomi, Therapeutic Touch, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Relationship Healing, Reiki  AND I am an educator, presenter and author.  My days consist of energy healings, writing, setting up presentations, presenting  educational classes;  family fun and social activities that keep me delighted. Was it always this way? No! But it is not necessary to go in that direction.  For in this last sentence lies the message I would like you to hear.

Go in the direction of what you love.  As I learned energy work, (1998-present) I knew that I would write books to share the message with families.  The books evolved to classes as more folks wanted to hear the message of healing. I say an abundance statement several times a day, not attached to outcome or the “how ” of my life, simply knowing that it will be better each day, seeing myself there and feeling what it is, basking in the feeling.  I stay in my “happy” place, focusing on that which brings me joy.

There you have it.  Create your desire, clarify it, see it, feel it, trust it and let it go.  Be happy, finding those who resonate with your lovely being and stay in that vibe.  So, how do you do that when things may truly be “sucky”? My answer…find something, ANYTHING that makes you laugh and helps you shift.  Study those things of a positive nature. Listen to your inner voice, allow time to quiet yourself and go within, enjoying getting to know inner you.

Back to my lovely day that now has included you, my dear readers.  Til the next time-Rosie

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