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I recently had healings with a 72 year old and 78 year old. I was asked , “How old is too old any how young can a person be?”  What? There are no age limits. Truly! People come from all walks of life and all ages to experience Healing Touch or Reiki treatments.  I have so much fun sharing energy healings with all these folks, young and old.  I have treated babies in utero, newborns and young children up to octogenarians and every decade in IMG_2893between.

Let me share some experiences.  Just the other day, a “nearly 80” woman came for help with rheumatoid arthritis. She was open to the idea of energy healings and had tried numerous medications and vitamins.  She was slim and had a vibrant personality.  After receiving the treatment she reported a feeling of relaxation and well-being as did my other 72 year old who came with complaints of “simply not feeling like himself or needing balance”.  He said, “Well THAT was really so very nice!” after the treatment.  Both made a commitment to meditate and make healthy eating choices as well as consider some great books for self care.

In honor of Wayne Dyer, I recommend “The Power of Intention” and I have received terrific feedback from my clients on “Happiness Now“by Robert Holden.  I also stand by Ruiz’s “Four Agreements” and Jon Kabat Zinn’s “Wherever You Go There You Are” as terrific books to start you on your inward search.

IMG_3038 So let’s look at the youth. Babies kick in delight during healings, smiling and cooing throughout. My little four year old client expressed the colors in his aura as balloons of light-so lovely.  The teens bring me their confusion and angst and leave with balance and clarity.  And folks, isn’t it really all about how to learn to live in balance in this world we create? Food for thought.

So, enjoy your day, and consider a visit to your local Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. It’s a beautiful thing!

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