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Are you an energy practitioner, energy work or energy healer?

What is the biggest challenge you face when explaining energy work, chakra systems and meditation to others?

In 2004 I began collecting many thoughts about energy healing in writing. I decided to simplify some rather esoteric concepts so they can be more accessible to everyone. My books are a great resource for families and those new to energy healing and healers for easy access to chakra, meditation and energy healing information.

The beautiful illustrations used throughout these books provide imagery that everyone can relate to when practicing chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing or self care.

They are designed to support newcomers or as a shared reading experience or between an adult and child to model and explore chakra balancing, meditation and energy healing together. Each concept is broken down in easy to understand everyday language with watercolor illustrations.

I recommend these books to healers in the energy work, holistic, alternative health field as a reference guide, or  “how to” text for their own clients, providing basic understanding and introduction to the concepts of energy healing, chakras and meditation.

Have them for sale, on display, or for reference to share as a complement to your practice. Refer to images from the books while introducing your treatment to others.

 healing-energy-hands2 healing-energy-hands

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