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I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within, I AM Healer

Author -Roseanne D’Ersamo Script and her books:  I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within, I AM Healer

Roseanne D’Erasmo Script is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, through the Colorado Center for Healing Touch. Roseanne combines her expertise as educator and healer to create  informational texts about the human energy field and meditation. Her intention is that children and adults connect with their energy system through her writing. Roseanne has created many classes in a variety of subjects to support her mission of sharing relaxation and healing methods with the public. Some of her classes are Meditation, Stress Management, Energetic Healing and Energetic Healing for Children.

She also has collaborated with her son, Matt, to create CD’s for relaxation and meditation. Roseanne has her own healing practice:  Buffalo Healing Therapies where she provides treatments for balancing your energy system for wellness including Therapeutic Touch, Lomi-Lomi, (Hawaiian Healing) and Reiki.  She has practiced energy healing since 1998. In addition she has attained a Masters degree in Education, teaching and mentoring in this arena for over three decades. Connect with Roseanne: roseannescript@gmail.com

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