Kids, Costumes and Meditation?

What do kids, costumes and meditation have in common you ask? WELL, it’s all about change. Kids change into something different, whether it is something that is like them or something they are NOT. A  costume is a new face that they put on for FUN and enjoyment, especially at this time of year.

So, what do we do when we meditate? We slow things down. Yep, we CHANGE from our busy life, our daily busy-ness, our hectic schedule and we bring in a moment (or two) to breathe, to become calmer, to go within and notice the quiet, the breath, our inner voice.  Our children can do this with us.  They can change from their busy day, slow things down and practice breath and go within. You would be delighted to see how insightful your kids can be when they start meditating with you.  They start to bring about a change in their own worlds and become more comfortable as they change their costumes, or roles in everyday life and YOU can HELP them.   Costumes are fun

So, let’s look at our own costumes in life. Let’s have our kids look at theirs.  We can find some particularly FUN costumes and help our kids see when things are good timing and other times  when they are not.  We can help them understand the change in the roles that they have as well as the different roles we all have.

Have some fun with it.  Look at change with a sense of costuming. ‘Til the next time. -Rosie

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How Will Healing Work?

IMG_0995Today I was asked if healing would help a friend’s family member with epilepsy.  That is a really good question.  The answer is that healing helps with the  intention that you set together with your client. So YES, Healing Touch does help. But how does healing work, they ask? Well, my answer was that first the client sits and sets an intention with me, after an inventory that we complete together, as in every Healing Touch session.  Then, I check in with their chakra and auric body. I put it all together and we come up with a mutual intention for the healing. The next forty five minutes is spent on using my practiced skill to assist the client in healing.  I select from a variety of healing strategies and select one that I intuit would be the most beneficial.  The client rests, I play lovely, peaceful music and complete the healing treatment.

Children sensing the energy field

Children sensing the energy field

Honestly,the energy goes where it is most needed.   The truth of the matter is that I am not a therapist, nutritionist, scholar or doctor.  I am an energy worker who sets the intention with you and always adds “for your highest good”. I am not in charge. Your highest energy is and I help activate it and give you a wonderful boost. I am the catalyst, the plug, the connection.  Admittedly, I have had years of training and am sensitive to your energetic needs, which allows the healing to be the best it can be for your highest goo. ‘Til the next time-Rosie


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Moving Forward

one Step at a Time

Moving Forward, Step by Step


Sometimes we think we are stuck and that moving forward seems impossible.It truly is all about perspective and the miracle is figuring out how to shift.   You are truly never stuck (though I GET that it feels that way sometimes) AND you have the gift (ACTUALLY ) of clearly seeing what it is you do NOT want so you can see where to go next (what you DO want).  Just the thought of going forward is a beginning. It is when you go deep inside (mediation helps) and ask for an idea. A step… then the trick is to take baby steps forward.  Remember the old saying (I like those), ” Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

Okay- that’s a LOT in one paragraph-but how does it actually work? Well, the whole thing starts with a glimmer of a thought -that is the shard of light that has you glowing.  Next, the thought grows, because certainly it will be better than where you are sitting now.  That’s when you start to FEEL just a tad of inspiration or hope.  NOW comes the forward motion.  Because you have kicked in a POSITIVE FEELING you can move in that direction. Yeah! It is one step at a time.  Only move forward with what feels comfortable and doable. Then it starts-momentum. If you plunge into anything too deeply, it will  You will be moving in the right direction, inspired by Divine thought and Divine Action. Yeah! There you go, onward and upward.

Start with our CD “Flotations with Meditation” and book “I AM Within” for EASY meditation practice.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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How to Focus on What’s Important

Focus on beauty

Focus on beauty

This “focus”  may be different from what you expect. You see,  it is knowing what is important  that is key.   Trust the Universe to yield back what is good for you.   But you must first line up with it and BE that in your own life.  So what is important to you in relationships,  in your career, your family, your daily life? Figure it out for a moment. THEN find something, ANYTHING in that moment that is a fun feeling, a happy feeling and really go with it.

Next, find something to  focus on in appreciation.  Now,  this can be as general as a a sunny day, a beautiful flower, a baby’s smile or an accomplishment.    The more you appreciate-the more you will  find to appreciate.   Appreciation is a very high vibration.  Maintaining a high vibrational level no matter what the conditions are is key to having your focus result with an improved change in your life.  Greater appreciation brings more to appreciate. Yeah!

Focus  on  the vibrational essence, the feeling and perceived result rather than the existing condition. This is the most important part of creating an improved result, or changing your focus.     If you keep going to existing conditions, the existing conditions remain (and yet this is what most of us do…) So  what is really important is to go to the essence or FEELING  and trust.  It is like trusting that the sun comes up or trusting that there is enough air to breathe.

Now how do you remain in that vibration?  It is  through looking at the positive aspects of the people in your life, your daily events, your occupations or studies. Make a list of these and keep it going.  Also, meditation is key to helping you stay in that place of joy.  Quiet yourself and go within as you breathe deeply and focus on nothing in particular and your breath itself.  The more relaxed you are the more easily it comes, the more easily you find your “happy” the more connected you are to fun.

When you awaken, hold a joyful thought for 17 seconds. Then try another.  as they coneect, they grow,  and grow.  and grow as you  will be more prepared, grounded and set for your day.  You also do not really need to share your focus with your friends until you are sure how you feel about it.   It is the FEELING that is key and alters the results.

You can focus on feeling of well-being-of being happy. This is alignment. Focus on feeling good no matter what is happening around you, find that good place no matter what the conditions are. If you have had some troubles (which we all do-honestly-I get that) know that they will flow but shift to something COMPLETELY off topic to get you back to the good feeling place-like butterflies or feathers or crystals or snowflakes.  Let THAT be your focus and the rest of your day-moments-relationships start to fall into place  with ease and grace . Try it! Til the next time-Rosie

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Happy Endings, New Beginnings

Reach for new beginnings in your life

Reach for happy  moments in your life

Sometimes we are lucky and have a happy ending.  Like “my dog survived his trauma”  (which he did-yeah!!!) or “my lover left, but I met somebody new” which is an opportunity for a new beginning!  For those of us who look at the stars, Jupiter has moved into Libra which means Mr. Happy has combined with Miss Love.  Wow! If you notice a change it will probably work out to your benefit. It’s all about growth and beauty. Now listen, I am not an astrologer but I know when something comes up that is great to share and this is one of those times.

So, remember I said to “ride the storm” or “fall, and know it will be over fast’? Well now you can remain in your happy place, knowing that nothing  and no one can really (I mean really) take you away (unless it is Calgon , of course…teehee. ) Decide to remain calm in the face of others’ problems.  Find the sunshine in a storm and when surrounded by anger, get away from it and focus on your FUN.

I noticed as a Healer, or energy worker (I prefer), that when I suggest to my clients to find their joy or their “happy” place that they often have trouble.   My recommendation is to look into your mind to find images of an actual happy time you experienced or a location that you have been to that brings back a happy memory.  Allow yourself to focus not that moment, that time in your life and get in touch with the FEELING you have. Happy? Joyful? Peaceful? Exuberant?  All are close to the same vibration.  Know that it is all about vibration and that as you control your own positivity, more will come your way! ‘Til the next time, Rosie.

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Shifts in Life, Being Flexible

IMG_6569Why does stuff happen?  Some days, tough shifts happen all day long day. Here’s one: My dog has tremors and shakes and has to go to ER and I am told to consider “compassionate euthanasia”.  Boyfriend quits job. A close friend’s daughter goes into early labor alone at the hospital.  Sister runs to her aid only to have the car break down. Boyfriend offers, waiting by side of the road for AAA, with no A/C , 87 degrees and youngest sister (11) pitches a fit about not going to hospital.  The printer jams and a tooth comes out. All in a day.

So there’s the old adage “Go with the Flow” but this is more like the “Jumping out of the airplane with no parachute-it’ll be over fast”  adage. Then you can get back into the stream of life.  The challenge is to stay in your “center” despite the shifts in your world. Hard? You betcha! But considering the alternative of NOT going with the shifts and allowing more resistance in, just chalk it up to a  “bad mojo”  day and taking a “things are working out and improving” attitude  that  shifts us into a more positive outcome.

Truly, the Pollyanna type person, of whom I am one, may get clobbered by the person in the middle of their muck. So, we can just offer a suggestion of the light at the end of the tunnel and then let it go,  knowing the shifts fall where they may (teehee). After all, shifts happen (another teehee).   “Til the next time, Rosie

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Going with the Flow

As I was enjoying my lap swims, I was thinking about the connection of swimming to life’s rhythms, ebbing and flowing as the water ebbs and flows with my swim strokes.swimming  You see, as we swim we MUST provide some resistance in order to move forward. But, it has to be just the right amount of resistance. Otherwise we would be splashing all about.  On the same note, we have to give in and go with the flow of the water. We allow the buoyancy of the water to hold us, just like our energy is held by source energy.

As we move with the flow of our lives, things simply go better when we meditate, relax, and chill at some point every day. Everything flows better. We seem to be in sync with the daily rhythms of life. Likewise, as we stay connected to our Source,NO MATTER WHAT, we remain happy. We are feeling supported and loved and able to tackle any problem or concern we have.  We REALIZE that it is simply part of the resistance that will help bring clarity to us.

Once we learn rhythmic breathing, we are in a simple breathing pattern that allows us to move forward without struggle.  We have to move our arms and cup our hands to provide forward movement, or resistance in the water. The water holds us, if we relax and let it carry our weight.  Pushing against it may cause us to be in the struggle too long and fall into the fear that we may lose our support.

And such is life.  That which we push against becomes grander in our life, causing more struggle.  So it is best to roll with things when you get stuck, go with the flow, let the universe hold you in its palm and enjoy the learnings. ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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How to get Grounded in 30 Seconds

Cute Coupes Feet On A BeachWow! Can you ground yourself that fast?  Is this really possible?  Well, yes, BUT you DO have to follow some very basic steps to being grounded AND shift your focus.  You see, being grounded is really about setting an intention and finding a focus. Once you set yourself up for it, grounding happens even in 10 seconds, but I did not think you would believe me so I suggested 30!

Step 1 . “Just Breathe” as the song goes by Faith Hill, BUT it IS a bit different.  You want to breathe with lungs and down through your diaphragm s and take LONG breaths, inhaling and exhaling to the count of 4 in, 4 out .  LISTEN to yourself breathe.  FOCUS on the breathing in and the breathing out-nothing else!

Step 2. Allow your thoughts to hook onto imaginary puffy white clouds passing over your head.  If I tell you NOT to think, it would be virtually impossible because thought is constant.  BUT you can shift your thoughts to a lesser focus (focusing on breath) and allow the freedom from this lack of focus be your predominant vibration.

Step 3.  Imagine  a white light of energy starting at your head and slowly moving through your body, connecting with your spinal column and moving down to your feet through your nervous system. Feel your body tingle as the energy moves through your system.

NOW it has been about ten minutes and you  feel SO MUCH BETTER!  Take a HUGE deep breath and focus on the moment.  Let out your breath and start the next moment with intention for your next step in your day.

Do As One Website for MeditationIf you are looking for a great website & app that has timers and visuals to breathe and assist with meditation – check them out here: Do As One


‘Til the next time-Rosie

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New Beginnings for Spring

Reach for new beginnings in your life

Reach for new beginnings in your life

New beginnings! It is Springtime and we all naturally look at the newness of life.   We see the changes around us, the beginnings of flora and fauna, the emergence  of new animals as ” love ” is in the air.  We look within and find the excitement of starting a relationship anew or a new job or a new way of looking at the job we are doing.

There are  many ways to approach new beginnings that do not involve a move or a new career, but rather a look inside and within to move to new heights of awareness.  For indeed, we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life on Earth and we are able to create something fresh through our thoughts, feelings and then paying attention ( or not) and allowing in.

So, what are your beginnings?  We could all look at our roots, but then we could also look at an event that brought about spiritual consciousness.  I suggest that the spiritual beginnings are what we are all about and that the manifestations of your new beginnings will come through your own internal connection with eternal energy.

How? Through meditation, reflection, acknowledging positive aspects of a person or situation daily, looking at nature and finding the beauty of the sprouting buds and warmth of the sunshine; having fun and focusing all that is joyous rather than all that brings you down.  Sometimes things do not work out like we think they will.  What do we say? Ah, how this new beginning transformed  is most interesting.  Thanks for the opportunity to look at it with new eyes.  That’s it.  Leave it alone and do not dwell further as your attention to the rough spots will hold you there.

May you enjoy your new beginnings and allow them to sprout into your true desires. ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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