Summer Play

I was going to call this summer work and summer play but as I began to write, I realized that my work IS my play. That is the gift, to be able to come to a point in life where I can choose what I desire and create my own work.  I think I am lucky…but IS it luck? Is it manifestation? How did it come to pass? How did I get so lucky to have my play and work merge?

Perhaps I should start by sharing what I actually do in the world.  For those of you who have not been following, a quick synopsis. I am Rosie, Energy Healing Intuitive, trained in Healing Touch, Lomilomi, Therapeutic Touch, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Relationship Healing, Reiki  AND I am an educator, presenter and author.  My days consist of energy healings, writing, setting up presentations, presenting  educational classes;  family fun and social activities that keep me delighted. Was it always this way? No! But it is not necessary to go in that direction.  For in this last sentence lies the message I would like you to hear.

Go in the direction of what you love.  As I learned energy work, (1998-present) I knew that I would write books to share the message with families.  The books evolved to classes as more folks wanted to hear the message of healing. I say an abundance statement several times a day, not attached to outcome or the “how ” of my life, simply knowing that it will be better each day, seeing myself there and feeling what it is, basking in the feeling.  I stay in my “happy” place, focusing on that which brings me joy.

There you have it.  Create your desire, clarify it, see it, feel it, trust it and let it go.  Be happy, finding those who resonate with your lovely being and stay in that vibe.  So, how do you do that when things may truly be “sucky”? My answer…find something, ANYTHING that makes you laugh and helps you shift.  Study those things of a positive nature. Listen to your inner voice, allow time to quiet yourself and go within, enjoying getting to know inner you.

Back to my lovely day that now has included you, my dear readers.  Til the next time-Rosie

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Thinking Beyond Limits

Sunset FlaHave you ever thought without limits? Have you had desires that you just shoved under a box, thinking ,”Oh, really? How could I ever?” I am ready to share with you the concept of NOT putting limits on your own thinking.  We are products of our upbringing-our journeys of learning reflect what we have been told and what we accept and allow into our thinking.

But what if you broke your own thought barrier?  What if you allowed yourself to go to a place that seemed beyond reach but somehow was in your realm?  How would you get to a place that was beyond your limit or even limitless?

There a saying: ” You can’t get there from here.”  What that means is you need to move in incremental steps of positivity to move toward an idea , emotion or thought you have.  And these increments need to feel doable and acceptable to your brain and emotions otherwise, you will reject them. Then you do it again and again, and again. in small chunks,until those chunks get bigger and soon you have moved beyond what you even set as your limit.

There’s a great book “Ask and It is Given” which details terrific brain exercises to help you love in the direction of your dreams.  I , for one, tend to err on the side of being positive and think about my days in terms of the joy that exists not only for me but for family, friends and even those coming for healing.

So, let yourself dream and dream BIG.  Then bring emotion to that dream.  See how it feels. Be limitless in your thinking . Then go for it in small chunks. Allow yourself to see the BIG picture. Think about it and FEEL it. Send it out, ask and stay in your FUN place to receive answers so you can start acting with right action or Divine Guidance if you will. Get started on your limitless journey. Life is supposed to be fun, so hop on for the ride. ‘Til the next time. Rosie

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Dissolving into Love

I went to a presentation by Shad Diamond called “Dissolving Into Love”  and left feeling all warm and fuzzy and kind of melty.  So what does it mean:  “dissolving into love”  and when will you use it? Basically it means that there is STUFF that happens to ALL of us, (really that is true ) AND that it is all about HOW we REACT to that stuff.   It is actually a sign to US that something about us or our relationship with our inner being needs to be examined.  So, we have things that push our buttons. What to do? Well, take a breath, count to ten, breathe deeply, exhale .

The idea is to STOP the thought pattern, and instead think “I am dissolving into love.” This actually causes a shift in the auric fields of the players, NOT because anything has changed within them, but because you have brought the change and the other parties have the opportunity to choose to feel it. It is YOUR calm, YOUR peace that they will feel.

So how do we dissolve into love? We relax, move into non-thinking, allowing the feeling of warmth to embrace us, becoming still, relaxing thought again, going even deeper into the feeling, existing in timelessness for a bit, then returning our energy and engaging our minds as we will feel the drama release.

The idea is to keep it simple. Do not make it complicated. Remember, it is all about the feeling (it is ALWAYS about the feeling).  It is how you can change habits and set yourself up to win.  Understand that your Divine Core holds higher wisdom and you get to “touch that level of magic you hold within .” (Shad Diamond)

For now you will make decisions through the eyes of love, rather than through the eyes of drama.  It is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the body…turn off your mind. You can dissolve into love with your family and friends.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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Acceptance and Growth

onion-2013174_640How does growth occur in our lives? The growth I am talking about is of an emotional or spiritual nature.  We all have things that seem to “happen” to us in life.  We then have an opportunity to react.  “Aha!” THIS is where the growth occurs.  At THAT moment-the moment of reaction, YOU have a choice to make.  You can choose how you react to the occurrence.  Think about it.  What you do next will influence the reactions of the other folks around you or perhaps EVEN the next thing that happens in the event.

One of the most challenging areas in life is one of acceptance.  Let’s say your best relationship in life has come to an end…that the person you dearly care for has said they are “DONE” and it is clear that they no longer choose to put energy into your time together.  Be nothing-1820481_640honest…perhaps you have been thinking the same thing all along and their pronouncement, no matter HOW it occurred, is actually a reflection of how YOU have been feeling.  Aha, a growth opportunity.

So now, the next step is to accept it. Stand in a position of allowing the flow to go downstream, enjoying waterfall-1809811_640the moments that the universe has set up for you that have brought clarity. Look at the good along the way and be clearer about your desires.  Stand in gratitude for that occurrence because it certainly showed you what you do not want so you can be clear about what you DO want.  Accept its lesson and stand ready for the next step!

The alternative would to go down kicking and screaming, which in turn would set off more fireworks from your loved one and the chain reaction would keep going until someone in each of your lives (or you yourselves) stopped it-slowed it down, took a breath, found the clarity and was able to help you accept with gratitude. Yep , that is how we have growth.

Wishing you clarity in your lives. ‘Til the next time, Rosie.

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Got Trouble? Hands Off and Go for Happiness

images-13So what does this mean? If I have trouble, I should DO something about it, right? I should FIX it or talk about it or try to find people to help me. Nope. I know this is contrary to the common way of thinking but try this on and see if it fits.  What the absolutely BEST thing to do is ASK for a solution and stand with an expectation of an answer,seek happiness and remain in the vibration of allowing.

So what does THAT mean? Well, I will give an example. Perhaps you are in a relationship with a loved one and you have a disagreement and they detach.  What you need to do is surround that person with loving green light and ask the universe or Source energy for resolution. Then you pull back and let your higher being set it up as solved. Pull away,  then work on your own vibration, for after all, it is ALL about vibration.  You simply are not in alignment with your loved one at that time.  Ask that it works out for your highest good and the highest good of others.   It will.

Now stand FIRM in your OWN happiness. You will be in “allowing”.  It is about energy and FEELINGS first.  That beautiful (or maybe just cute…) loved one is NOT the reason for your happiness. YOU are…

Yes, folks YOU are in charge of  your own happiness.   Then when you stay in THAT VIBE you will draw more to you and the solution arrives that is perhaps better than one you could have created by meddling in your own affairs (HA!).

At the risk of being told I am  in  a “Rainbow World” I do need to tell you that by living on the upswing you will continue draw that to you.Positive vibes beget more positive solutions.images-4

So, dear readers, stay in your happiness. It is the way problems get solved.  It may seem contrary to how you actually FEEL about the relationship or event that needs solving, but it will bring you the best results in the quickest manner.  If you cannot get to a point of happiness because you are focusing on the event, SWITCH your focus to something, ANYTHING that delights you.  It may be your dog or a color or a painting or a baby or flowers. Find it and stay with it to help you remain in alignment and then pull back and allow the solution to come. Keep your fingers out , say the angels and let them and your higher self create the solution!

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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Spring Forward with Momentum

All Pictures from camera 236Spring into action with forward motion! Increase your momentum! How do I do this when I am feeling in a funk you ask? Well, first of all, forgive yourself for your funk-it happens and usually with good reason. However, STOP focusing on that and think about something, ANYTHING, that floats your boat.  Something FUN, that is EASY for you to think about.  Perhaps you have a favorite animal, baby , painting, meal, color. Something simple and delightful. Hook into that FEELING and the momentum around it.

That is how you get going.  Once you focus on the FEELING, the momentum around that feeling starts building and the next good feeling occurs.  Believe it folks, it IS about feeling good!

So, now you feel a bit better and you start to think about what was troubling you -what happens? You slip back…so STOP and switch gears within 17 seconds and go to the sweet thought. NOW , go FORWARD. What is your goal (small one…) What  do you SEE yourself moving towards (do NOT worry about the HOW-just get clarified in the  WHAT ).  Now, how does it FEEL when you are there? What does that forward movement feel like?

Yes!  You are “unstuck” . Yeah! you DID it. Now keep up this formula and watch what is ready for you be unveiled right before your eyes.  The more you STAY in the happy vibration, the more the momentum keeps going.

For yes, folks, we ARE what we create! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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Garbage Out and Being in Rhythm

The last couple of days a few things have happened that have made me feel like I am totally out of rhythm.  YET I am REALLY  meditating and going within and focusing on the good things in life. So what’s up with my rhythm?

So, here’s what happened.  I have a garbage can that lost a lid and needs replacement. Garbage folks came and left the can empty-soon to be replaced. Yet, a neighbor dropped a stinky smelly rug in my non-functioning can.  Ugh! THEN, I got canceled for a great evening out that I was truly looking forward to. OH NO!

So, what did I do with these events? Well, I kinda yelled at the universe about the garbage and then chalked it up to a simple annoyance in life. Not a bigee-but I hollered out  to no one in particular that I love a clean can-no pun intended!

Then I created a new night out. I had so much fun and actually spoke with folks who seemed to “get me” and my “rose-colored glasses and colored rainbows” view of life, while listening to a terrific band.

I felt better. And I still felt ok about me, which essentially means that I could rise above the rhythm of what had happened and go to a different place of better well-being and understanding or in other words, change my vibration.

lemonade-1785472_640So, the ol’ “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” adage really does work as does “find the silver lining”.  I really think it ends up being about how you feel about YOURSELF.  And my friends, this is NOT a selfish thing.  It is truly about finding that spark within,  in spite of some contrast that may prop up in life-simple annoyances,  broken promises or broken relationships.  YOU still need to be okay with you. Be in the rhythm of “the flow” and flow downstream without a care.

On that note, signing off! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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Eat healthy and feed your chakras too!

Time to eat healthy. And you know what is quite interesting? You can choose foods to help support your chakra system.  For example here’s lentil soup with vegetables over a bed of spaghetti squash.  For those of you who have not yet tried this wonderful yellow squash, it is SUPER easy and SUPER delicious.  lentils-dish2

AND you are supporting  healthy Root, Sacral and Solar Plexis chakras. The colors are red, orange and yellow AND the squash and lentils help clear out your digestive system, which flows through all  these chakras.

Here’s how to make this:
1 spaghetti squash
1 TBL olive oil
A few shakes of grated Pecorino Romano
A shake of garlic powder, onion powder and crushed red pepper.
1 can Progresso lentil vegetable soup

What to do?
Cut squash in half lengthwise and gut out the  seeds. Put in small bowl with a cup of water and microwave 5 min. Turn over and go for another 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook your healthy Progresso lentils with veggies stovetop.

Drain squash and now take a fork and run it along the inside of the squash. Voila! Healthy veggie spaghetti. Plate on 3 plates.

Add the seasonings to lentils.  Pour over the squash and add a drizzle of olive oil to each plate along with a generous sprinkle of cheese. Enjoy! Yum !

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New Intentions, New Creations

All Pictures from camera 236Intentions…what is
up with that? We hear that we should “set an intention”. We ALWAYS discuss intentions before our
healing sessions.  Wayne Dyer wrote “The Power of Intention” to help us understand the significance. So, why the focus on intention?


Funny that I would say focus.  Intention IS focus. Yeah! We figured it out.  Is it really that easy? Well, the thing is Intention is the beginning of Creation. Yep, folks. If we first set up our desire and BE VERY CLEAR about it, then start with a clear focus, we can move into the vibration of creating what we want. Actually, we are already there, we just have to now bring positive thought and inspired action into the mix.

The trouble we have, being human, is that we tend to focus on the things that hamper us, rather that than the things that bring us joy and will create for us! Creation, or manifestation, occurs as we add FEELING to our intention and ALLOW what happens to move into our conscious reality.

So, as we move into 2017, set an intention, color it with FUN  and the FEELING that goes with the outcome and get ready for inspiration to action.  Your inspirations will come as you stay aligned with clarity , joy, fun, exuberance and gratitude.  Let’s move into receptivity together and look forward to an amazing 2017. ‘Til the next time. Rosie


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Feeling Happy at Holiday Time

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 7.57.20 PMI was walking my dog today and while I walked the neighborhood I was thinking about what makes me feel happy.  A lot has been written about happiness.  Happiness Now by Robert Holden   calls us to be focused on the now and live in appreciation.  He reminds us that when we are truly happy we are being our true SELVES. So that’s enough right there to talk about.

Hmm. My true self REALLY loves the experience of having a IMG_7257baby granddaughter who is learning language and says the most adorable words, expression, phrases. This indeed makes me happy.  I truly am happy as I bake Christmas cookies for the season with the express purpose of sharing them with my friends and family.  Not only is it fun to bake these delicasies, but I do my share of taste testing and give in to the few extra pounds that may creep on.  The overall feeling is one of sharing, giving, yes-loving.  For being happy is congruent with love.

Love, being happy, centering-all connected with the idea of being in alignment with that which is truly YOU-your wholeness, goodness, source. Yep, that’s it. So, whether it is the baby, a puppy, cooking, sharing and laughing with others, WHATEVER it is for YOU-go there. Be happy. And more will come your way.

Happy Holidays! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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